ACE Compressor Releases the Patriot LGX

by | Aug 29, 2018 | News |

We are proud to announce the release of our new Patriot LGX!

The Patriot LGX is the next generation in controllers for multi-stage, centrifugal compressors for maximum energy savings.  The Patriot LGX is a controls package capable of replacing the TurboLogix™ and TurboLogix™ EV controller.

Patriot LGX Advantages

  • In most cases the Patriot LGX can be installed simply by changing the PLC program and installing a new Allen Bradley HMI. No more ordering a new PLC or HMI to obtain the appropriate program.
  • All existing I/O devices can be reused = Saving You MONEY!
  • Hardware and Software are not proprietary. You have access to all the programming associated with your compressor controller. Allowing you to make the hardware changes & even software changes if you deem it necessary.

Surge Increment will automatically adjust the throttle limit (point at which the bypass valve opens) and then automatically reloads the compressor.

Allen-Bradley Panelview 10″ color touch screen.

Typical 3% – 5% power savings

Deviation from Surge Point, developed by and exclusively found on the ACE Compressor Patriot LGX Controller, will provide the most efficient operation of a centrifugal compressor in the constant pressure (throttle) mode.

Surge Recognition feature will open the inlet valve, open the bypass valve approximately 50% to allow the compressor to remain in the system and then resume normal operation when the event that caused the surge is eliminated.

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