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Lifetime Warranty On All Cooler Barrels

by | Aug 25, 2016 | News

Lifetime Warranty:
ACE offers a lifetime warranty on all cooler barrels sleeved to ACE standards.  This covers any repairs needed or replacement of the barrel with a similar sleeved unit as long as you own the unit.

Superior Performance:
With ACE Compressor, you will get a barrel sleeve superior to others in the market.

We provide a wider two part stainless steel sleeve that covers the Waffle Gasket area and H2O In Port, as well as a sleeve to cover the Center tube O-Ring Area.

The wider band prevents erosion from water getting behind the sleeve as you might see from smaller sleeving repairs, thus maximizing the  life of you cooler barrel.

For more details, contact a Customer Service Manager at 866-383-0016.

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